Private Room Events

In a charming courtyard, in a private room in the heart of the Levinsky market,

Dalida hosts Moabet events that are super culinary, that provides an exciting and lavish experience.

During these events, the very essence of Dalida is served on a table laden with delicacies placed in the center of the table, producing a communal and joyous culinary experience, rich in flavors.

Events in the private room are suitable for groups ranging from 9 to 27 guests.

The event menu is based on the restaurant’s unique Moabet dinner format, and the cost per dinner is fixed, totaling only 159 NIS.


The entire range of dishes in the restaurant menu is served, including small, almost large, and main courses, cocktails / beer and desserts. The event menu does not include the seasonal menu.

* The dishes served during the event can be coordinated in advance


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